Blast Off 80 ml Tube

Blast Off 80 cc
  • Item #: 7 74241-00090
  • May stop lactic acid build up
  • May help transport oxygen to muscles
  • May increase stamina
  • Formulated to address the four major issues facing eventing/racehorses- discomfort, respiratory, attitude, stamina/strength
  • Very palatable

Are you looking for a convenient all in one pre-race that helps all of the major areas that need addressed for optimal performance in equine athletes?  Easy-Motion Horse Products may just have the answer! 

The Blast Off pre-race tube is one of the most effective and cost efficient tools used today by horse trainers worldwide.  This oral administration 80 cc tube is ideal for horses stabled at racetracks.  Horse people everywhere know how costly it can be to have a veterinarian come in and treat their performance horse for discomfort, bleeding, attitude and energy maximization.  The Blast Off pre race tube was designed to help all of these areas while being test free and very economical to use.

This complex formula is a combination of natural food supplements, minerals and a unique blend of homeopathic remedies.  Strong doses of Inosine, DMG and Creatine work together to support proper muscle function, increase stamina and oxygen transport. These ingredients combined with a metered dose of Easy-Motion Horse ProductsCarbo Load” help maximum energy transport and the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. 

Like all of our Easy-Motion Horse Products, Blast Off is Test Free with no harmful fillers. 

This formula is not suggested for uptight nervous horses that may tie up due to stress.

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