The Oral Jug 80 cc Tube

The Oral Jug 80 cc
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The equine industry has never been more competitive; from both Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing to Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage and Reigning horses alike.  These horses compete at demanding levels every week all year round.  Horse people from around the world struggle with maintaining healthy horses that face the most gruelling of circumstances from week to week. 

At Easy-Motion Horse Products we understand these needs and have developed an amazing tool in maintaining your horses hydration levels, along with high haemoglobin and protein levels. For many years trainers and horse people alike have chosen The Oral Jug™.  This electrolyte, vitamin, mineral and amino acid replacement is the strongest one dose tube in equine supplementation.  The Oral Jug comes in an oral administration 80 cc tube and is very palatable and convenient to use. 

The Oral Juglends a very cost efficient alternative to using a conventional electrolyte intravenous infusion that could be loaded with vitamins and amino acids.  To have a veterinarian make a farm call and administer an intravenous jug you may spend between $50-$80 dollars, depending on what is added to the electrolyte infusion.  This is not only costly but as with any intravenous or intramuscular injection, you run the risk of reaction or infection from the needle. 

At $11.95 per 1 dose (80 cc) tube The Oral Jugis very inexpensive whether you’re using it post or pre race.  Due to the easy oral administration, anyone can administer The Oral Jugat any time.  There is no need for veterinarian supervision and The Oral Jugcan legally be used at racetracks around the world. 

As an electrolyte replacement The Oral Jugcombines high doses of Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Calcium. Together these minerals aid in the regulation of your horse's electrolyte balance and help replace cellular body fluid.  After administration, most horses will have increased water consumption.  Electrolytes are lost during shipping, racing, training and eventing.  High temperatures, low availability to water and the use of diuretics place a major strain on the electrolyte balance in your horse. 

The Oral Jugis designed to produce high haemoglobin levels and support red blood cell production.  The combination of Folic Acid and Copper Sulfate supplemented in this formula aid in the metabolism and absorption of the Iron in The Oral Jug.  High Haemoglobin levels help with the transport of oxygen to the muscles, which increases stamina and prevents muscle cramping. 

Many oral dose supplements for equine athletes do not include Amino Acids.  The Oral Jugcontains many Amino Acids that help in the total protein consumption but also offers a high dose of the essential Amino Acids also known as the Branch Chain Amino Acids.  These include Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine.  Together these Amino Acids improve energy metabolism and protein synthesis.  Proper muscle function is also supported with the supplementation of these three essential Amino Acids. 

The Oral Jugis your best bet in maintaining strength and overall health for your horse.  With proper use this treatment will compliment good nutrition and extensive training methods to ensure success!  As with all of our products The Oral Jugis Test Free and filler free!


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